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Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening | Veneers | Dental Implants | Composite Bonding

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth will darken over time. Changes in the color of your teeth can be caused by such factors as the food and beverages consumed (like coffee, tea and soda). Other known factors for discoloration may include childhood medications or illnesses, tobacco use or improper oral hygiene. Restoring your natural white smile is a priority for our dental whitening team. We can provide a variety of options for whitening your smile.

Tooth whitening services are growing in popularity, and it's one of the most requested services offered by our practice. Everyone sees the growing consumer market focused on whiter teeth. The reality is that over-the-counter, "too good to be true" solutions typically don't work.

We are trained professionals using industry-approved methods. Our goal is to meet the needs of every patient, and every patient's needs are different. One of the methods used by our practice is a gentle hydrogen-peroxide gel-activated solution. Our process will whiten your entire smile in one visit. Call us today for a whitening evaluation.

Nothing improves your appearance more than a bright, white smile!

Read our blog post for more information on teeth whiteneing.

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Veneers in San Leandro CA

Why would someone need Veneers?

  • If you have spaces between your teeth.

  • If you have broken or chipped teeth.

  • Unsightly, stained or discolored teeth.

  • Permanently stained or discolored teeth that don’t respond to teeth whitening

  • Crooked or misshapen teeth.

Veneers are thin, semi-translucent covers that are permanently attached to your teeth. They are a great alternative to improve the appearance of your smile.

Veneers were originally created in the 1920’s by a dentist in California for use in Hollywood movies. The veneers were used as a temporary mask over a tooth to alter the appearance of the actors.  As technology and ingredients improved, the bonding agents have become such that veneers can last you between ten and thirty years.

It is not uncommon for today’s Hollywood movie stars to have many of their teeth covered with veneers, but for the average person this is an excellent cosmetic option as a veneer can be placed over just one tooth, or several.  The process typically takes two visits to our office and is pain free.

As with any cosmetic dental procedure, you want to make sure that you use the best dentist available.  Veneers are customized to you and your unique cosmetic composition.  Dr. Tickner and his Tooth Team make sure that every measure is taken for your comfort and safety and that we understand your goals for requesting veneers.  We spend time getting your teeth prepped properly and that all measurements are completely accurate.

Cosmetic procedures are often simple producers in our office but can have a profound impact on your life.  A nice bright smile can improve your confidence and affect how people perceive you personally and professionally.

If you are considering veneers as an option for cosmetic dentistry, please visit Dr. Tickner in his San Leandro dentist office or call 510-351-1400 to set up an appointment.

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Dental Implants


Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that were first developed half a century ago by a Swedish scientist named Per-Ingvar Branemark. Implants arose from the patient's need to secure loose-fitting dentures. Since the advent of the implant, engineering and enhancements to the implant have enabled dentists to expand the implant's usefulness, including the replacement of missing or lost teeth. Today, implant techniques provide a wide range of tooth replacement solutions including:

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Anterior Replacement
  • Posterior Replacement
  • Full Upper Replacement

If the missing tooth space has no surrounding teeth, the dentist may decide an implant is the most appropriate treatment choice or option.

Post Implant Care

Although proper oral hygiene is always recommended for maintaining good dental health, it is especially important when a patient has received a dental implant. Bacteria can attack sensitive areas in the mouth when teeth and gums are not properly cleaned, thus causing gums to swell and jaw bones to gradually recede. Recession of the jawbone will weaken implants and eventually make it necessary for the implant to be removed. Patients are advised to visit their dentists at least twice a year to ensure the health of their teeth and implants. Dental implants can last for decades when given proper care.

Composite Bonding

Bonding is a common solution for:

  • Fixing or repairing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Reducing unsightly gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Hiding discoloration or faded areas on the tooth's surface

Often, composite boding is used to improve the appearance of your teeth and enhance your smile. As the name indicates, composite material, either a plastic or resin, is bonded to an existing tooth. Unlike veneers or crowns, composite bonding removes little, if any, of the original tooth.

Composite bonding has many advantages:

  • It is a quick process, which typically lasts less than one hour.
  • It does not reduce the tooth's original structure and is relatively inexpensive.
  • Composite resins come in many different shades and provide better matching of shades to the natural color of your teeth.
  • Composite bonds, however, are not as durable and long-lasting as veneers and crowns and may need to be re-touched or replaced in the future.

Composite bonds stain more easily and therefore require proper care and regular cleaning. In order to ensure the longest possible duration of the bonding, composites should be brushed and flossed daily. Common staining elements include coffee, tea, tobacco, foods and candy.