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Mobile Device Apps
I found a really cool article in the CDA Journal and wanted to share it with you. Especially those of you who really like mobile device apps.
Brushing App Has Impact on Oral Health
The Brush DJ app aims to motivate users to brush for the ADA-recommended two to three minutes. This app, which was featured in the December 2013 Journal of the California Association, does this by playing music, taken either from the users' playlist or from the cloud.
According to a new study published in the British Dental Journal, the app is helping change brushing habits. Specifically, of the 189 people who participated in the study, 70 percent reported that their teeth felt cleaner since using the app and 88 percent reported the app motivated them to brush their teeth for longer.
Further, 92 percent would recommend the app to their friends and family. Four broad themes relating to how the app helped tooth brushing were reported: motivation, education, compliance and perceived benefits.
Brush DJ launched in 2011. According to a news release, the app had been downloaded to more than 197,000 mobile devices by February 2015.
- Blake Ellington, Tech Trends editor
Article published in the CDA November 2015 Journal, California Dental Association

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